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(Item no.: 33303965)
 127 cm (48.5 ")
- EMC-proof
- 240W - 96 X 3W
- 25920 lumen
- 10-30V
- Light image: Combined (combo) 8 degree spot and 90 degree flood
- ATP connector (included)
- IP67 (water and dustproof)
- Aluminum cover
- polycarbonate Lens
- Power consumption: 12 / 24V  - 206.4A

 Dimensions & Weight:
- Width: 1255 mm
- Height: 78.5 mm
- Depth: 86.5 mm

Combined light image (combo)
- A combined light image is a mix between the distance (distance) and the floodlight (width). The ramp has diodes that reflect light both straight and sideways. This light image is ideal if you want a lot of light near the vehicle for the smaller roads but still have the length of light up the road.

V2.0 - dual mounting options:
- Side-mounted legs that can rotate around their own shoulder to angle the ramp
- rear mounted brackets that can be adjusted along the entire ramp for a highly flexible mounting

What's more needed?
ATP Relay: We strongly recommend using our ATP relay with original connection to connect the LED ramp to the vehicle. There is also a fuse between external light and battery to prevent possible damage to battery and other equipment.


Total power: 240W

LED life of 30,000 hours
Voltage: 10-30V

Color temperature: 6000K
Aluminum cover
polycarbonate Lens
EMC safe
Pressure equalization membrane
Light image: Combined (combo) 8 degree spot and 90 degree flood
ATP connector (included)

 Dimensions & Weight:

 Width: 1073 mm
 Height: 78.5 mm
 Depth: 86.5 mm

NOTE: The ATP connector must not be cut because it implies an increased risk of moisture damage and the warranty will expire. ATP connector (male) with joint is included with the product.

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